Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Driving in Norway

In Japan there are not many roundabouts, if any at all. Norwegians can't believe it. Yesterday I passed through about 20 roundabouts within a distance of 20-30 kilometers. And many of them I passed twice. So now I've got used to them, but it was 3 years since last time I drove through a roundabout!

The next picture is a shot from the ferry terminal at Magerholm.
フェリー乗り場から次の写真を写しました。フェリーではなく、観光のCruise shipです。夏の季節もうすぐ終わりです。


Monday, August 17, 2009


I got my luggage today! Finally, exactly 8 weeks since I sent my 15 boxes from Matsue on a rainy Monday in June. The same 15 boxes arrived on a rainy Monday in August. But nothing was wet, and I hope nothing is broken either.

The 15 boxes of about 200 kilos were packed into one big box. You can see the letters VALBO OSLO. I'm impressed that they found me here, about 600 kilometers from Oslo!
No problem, because I had given the address where it should be delivered.

After having packed out the big box, I stuffed the 15 boxes into my car and drove to my home. A student helped me to pack my car, but I did all by myself back home. It's sometimes convenient to have a big car!

I carried the 200 kilos up the stairs unto the 2nd floor, and here they are in my bedroom. Little by little I will open them and try to find a place for everything. But I will keep the boxes. For in a few months I may have to start packing again... This is missionary life.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Japanese Room

When I live in Japan, I decorate my room with things from Norway, to make a Norwegian atmosphere for my guests. However, when I'm in Norway, I do the opposite. Now I have decorated my room with Japanese things I have found or got as presents. But still I'm waiting for my luggage I sent by ship in the end of June. I've been told that the ship went to Sweden first...









Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One in Christ



ビデオの中に兵庫教育センターの会堂も写りました。椅子が並んでいましたが、人が一人もいませんでした。しかし、その会堂を見た時、自分が数年前にそこにいたことを思い出しました。2003年の3月だったと思います。KGK(キリスト者学生会)の全国集会(NC=National Conference)も同じところに持たれました。その時のテーマは「キリストのからだ」でした。今年の聖会のテーマによく似ていますね。今年は「主にあって一つ」One in Christです。


7月にルーテルアワーのキャンプが蒜山バイブルキャンプで持たれました。その時鳥取ルーテル教会のDavid's Harpが聖会のテーマソングを紹介しました。ビデオをご覧ください。

わたしたちは一つ  主にあって一つ
主に結ばれた喜び ともに感じあう

わたしたちは一つ  主にあって一つ
大いなる主の恵みに 感謝してゆこう

    愛しあおう たがいに
    主イエスの愛を 受けて
    祈りあおう いつでも
    心一つに あわせて

わたしたちは一つ  主にあって一つ
賛美しよう 主イエスの御名
ともに ハレルヤ


12.-14.august er det storstemne for WJELC. Tema for samlinga er "Eitt i Kristus". Eg skriv litt om korleis eg har vore med på min måte, her hos meg sjølv på Stranda, medan mange venner er samla i Japan. Eg har sett på PR-videoar på internett, og sunge temasongen ilag med David's Harp.

På ein av videoane såg eg også møtelokalet, med tomme stolar. Men då eg såg salen og scena, var eg plutseleg der, fleire år tilbake. Det var landsleir for studentlaget. Eg trur det var i mars 2003. Iallfall var temaet "Kristi lekam", og det er veldig likt temaet for sommarmøtet som WJELC har no.
På studentleiren hadde vi gjester frå fleire land. Mellom anna så var talaren ifrå Hong Kong. WJELC har invitert ungdommar ifrå Hong Kong og Taiwan, slik at japanske ungdommar skal få bli kjent med kristne ifrå andre land og få oppleve at dei er eitt i Kristus.

One in Christ.
Shu ni atte hitotsu.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My First Day at Work


On Saturday this weekend 87 students will move into their rooms here, so this week we have to prepare their rooms. I washed 22 shower curtains and did many other things, walking between the five buidings at the school.

Signe-Brit is my boss and knows what has to be done to make the dormitories ready.

Per Arne (left) and Sven are busy fixing things the students have broken...
"You should not show a picture of Sven to Japanese girls, maybe they come here to meet him!" Per Arne said.
"Oh, yes, please show it!", Sven said...

My home
For the first time after I came back to Norway, I could decide for myself what to cook. So I chose chicken and rice. While eating I could enjoy the view below:

The view from my kitchen window!

My first guest:
Bodil, who is a teacher at Vestborg high school, came over with waffles and fresh blueberry jam. She used to live in this flat 16 years ago.

Thank you, Bodil!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

The World for Christ - Christ for the World

Seint fredag kveld kom eg heimatt frå misjonærkurset. Ei strofe frå siste songen på songkvelden torsdag kling enno både i øyrene og i hjarta:

Verden for Kristus, Kristus for verden,
verden for Kristus, vi vil rekke lengre ut...

Korleis skal eg omsetje det til japansk? Eg prøver.


The World for Christ, Christ for the World.


NLMのモットーはThe world for Christです。かなり大きいモットーですね。大き過ぎるでしょうか。全世界は目標です。全世界にキリストの福音を伝えることは無理なのではないでしょうか。人間的に考えたら無理ですが、イエス様の命令です。

The World for Christ 世はキリストのため

どうしてキリストを世の人々に伝えなければならないのですか。それはこの後半にあります。Christ for the World. イエス・キリストは世の人々のために命を捨て、身代わりとして世の罪を背負って、十字架の上で私たちが受けるべき罰を代わりに受けて下さったからです。


「神は実にその独り子をお与えになったほどに世を愛された。それは御子を信じる者は滅びることなく、永遠の命を得るためである。」  ヨハネによる福音書3:16




途中の晩御飯です。Alice Krogsæter nyt kveldsmaten med elvesus i bakgrunnen.

Takk for turen, Alice, og velkommen til Stranda! Då skal det bli japansk mat!


No har eg pakka i bilen klar til avgang litt over 8 i morgon. Kl 9 skal eg møte på jobb på Vestborg, og etter arbeidstid er eg klar til å flytte inn i Andersvegen. Skal tru om storbagasjen min er på plass på Vestborg?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viva Bolivia!

Two Bolivian-Norwegian families celebrated the National Day of Bolivia with all the other missionary families having come back from Bolivia.
Viva Bolivia! Norwegians and Bolivians sing together, lead by Santiago Huanca with the guitar.

Linn Merete Urangsæter Peducassè is the main leader of the children's program at this missionary conference. She had a message about how we should be a reflector of God's light to people around us.

These young people have all served as volunteers in one of the mission fields for one year. This week they have been in charge of the program for the kids and have worked very hard. Well done!
Maybe we will see some of them as missionaries in the future?
Lise and Helgi Jacobsen have served in Japan this year. Here Helgi is thanked by Magne Gillebo.

Unfortunately the budget does not allow new volunteers to Japan this coming year, but I hope other young people can replace Lise and Helgi in the future.
Thank you, Lise and Helgi!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Lise and Helgi Jacobsen seem a bit tired after having taken care of missionary kids from the morning. They and all the other helpers are doing a very good job, and the parents can relax. Behind them is Else Marie Ledal.


Left: Heidrun Nes is working at Fjellhaug during her summer holiday.
Right: Kari Helene Haugen gets a hand wash before the meal.

I also know another young girl who has her summer job at the school. She used to be my student at Vestborg high school 4 years ago. This last year both she and Heidrun have been students at Fjellhaug Bible School.
Ruth Iren Tronstad graduated from Vestborg high school last year, but I will be back there next week with new students. I start my new job on Monday 10th.

Norwegians are not as good at queuing as Japanese are, but all got enough to eat.

From left: Ruth Fauske Ignacio, Ruben Ignacio (Bolivia) and Dagfinn Solheim.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our New Countrymen

Today I have no pictures, and I'm tired, so I had planned not to write anything tonight. But a few words before I go to bed.

Yesterday I showed pictures mostly of people who have been in Japan, but the Norwegian Lutheran Mission has missionaries in many other countries too.

All together at this conference we are about 65 adults and nearly 50 kids, from small babies to teenagers. Some have come home from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast or Mali in Africa, some from Bolivia or Peru, and others have come from Mongolia, Taiwan or Indonesia. But there are no kids from Japan, because most of us are single women!

Tonight we learnt about our "New countrymen" in Norway. I was surprised to know that about 500.000 of people living in Norway are from other countries. That means about 10% of the population. I can't believe it! We were challenged to meet these people, become friends with them and include them in our fellowships and churches. We don't need to go to a far country in order to share the love of God with people from other nationalities. They are just in our neigbourhood!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Her kjem eit glimt frå første dag på misjonærkurset på Fjellhaug.




駅からフイェルハウグまでどのバスに乗ったらいいか大分迷いました。私はオスロより大阪の方をよく知っています。I know Osaka better than Oslo!

From left: Lars Storaas Haugen, Målfrid Finnseth, me, Torill Haugen and Synnøve Finnseth.

Else Marie Ledal (left) and Kari Helene Haugen in a serious discussion.

Hildegunn Haugen gave a very good message about heaven, both for adults and for all the missionary kids who were gathered at the opening tonight.

Hildegunn also met her former teacher at the Norwegian School in Kobe, Marit Haugen.

Some other faces you may recognize: Next to Hildegunn is Alice Krogsæter (babysitter in Kobe 1994/95 and later missionary in Peru), and many of you also know Jan Sandvik, who has been working for many years in Japan.

"Should we smile?" Magne Gillebo asks. He and Elin Sæverås (born Finnseth) are the main leaders of this missionary course. They informed us how to avoid getting infected by influenza.

Anne Marie Lillevik (left) and Else Marie Ledal show us how to wash our hands before the meal.

It seems that most of the participants are missionaries from Japan, but we have people having come back from many countries.
Some may wonder if we have any missionaries left in Japan when there are so many here. Fortunately there are still 10 of "us" on the field. For us who now are at home, Norway is our mission field. But Japan is still in our hearts!

Sunday, August 2, 2009



Sveinung Lianesさん(右)はノルウェールーテル伝道会の本部で長年働いておられますが、夏休みにはオスロから遠く離れている故郷に帰ります。1990年代に別荘が建てられた時から、毎年8月第一日曜日に別荘で集会を開いて下さいます。去年までは奥さんのBeritさんと一緒でしたが、奥さんは今年の春癌で亡くなられました。だから今日は奥さんがおられなかったので特別な雰囲気でした。しかし、奥さんは別荘を主の為に使いたいと願っておられたので、ご主人は一人でこの伝統を続けておられます。

左の方はKåre Ekrollさんです。彼も今年の夏までNLMの本部で働いておられました。彼も近くの故郷に別荘を持っておられます。去年日本に来られました。Ekrollさんにインタービューを受けた人は見ておられますか。

ノルウェー人のために:Eg skriv altså om det årlege misjonsstemnet på hytta til Lianes i Stordal. Talar var ein annan sunnmøring, Kåre Ekroll.

奏楽者のRoger Lillebøさんは準備ができました。去年は譜面台を忘れたので、今年はいい譜面台をもって来られました。普段は小学校の校長先生をしておられます。

若い人が少なかったですが、Gunn Ingrid Ulsteinは特別讃美をしてくれました。彼女を久しぶりに会いました。12年前に彼女は中学校1年生として私の教え子でした。


Aldri eit misjonsstemne utan misjonskollekt. Takk Gud for alle trufaste misjonsvenner!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

-It's good to be home, isn't it?

Only today I've been asked that twice, if not three times. My aunt, my two cousins and my cousin's wife came to pick berries in our garden today. Last time I saw them was last summer when they came to pick berries... They are not Christians, as far as I know, so they may not be interested in what I'm doing in Japan, and it's difficult to know what to say.

-It's good to be home, isn't it?
I'm supposed to say "yes", of course. But to be honest it's not that easy. My life is in Japan. I had to leave many friends there. I had my own flat there, where I could invite my friends, and because I lived alone, I didn't have anyone to get on my nerves, and I didn't irritate others either, I think.
I didn't have anyone who decided what I should do and in what way I should do it. Of course there were times I wished I had someone to tell me what to do and how to do it, but usually I had to find the way on my own.

Earlier when I came home, my mother was here, and she made my favourite potato cakes. Now she's not able to make any food any more, and I'm not a kid any longer, either. Now it's she who needs me. Or I'm not sure if it makes any difference for her that I visit her at the nursing home, but I hope so. However it's not so easy to find anything to talk about all the time. And I feel bad when I feel bored and want to go home so I can get on the internet to talk with friends...
And I'm a missionary, you know, and that makes it even worse. Even if my mother is a Christian and has supported my work all the time, it's not so easy to share personal thoughts. It's most difficult with your family, I think. I envy people who have an open relationship with their family. But envying is not a Christian virtue...

Of course there are many good things with being back home, but the question is not easy to answer only "yes!". Another question is "WHERE is home?"

Next week I'm going to attend a conference for missionaries having come back "home". Hopefully I will learn something that could be helpful in this process.

Let me finish with some pictures.
One thing that is good by coming home is to have the possibility to eat fresh fruit and berries from the garden, and to have home-made jam on your bread. However, somebody has to make the jam, and that's me...

I've picked not only red currant and black currant, but also raspberries.

Another thing that is good, is to see friends. Yesterday I visited Tove, a friend from college. During the rainy afternoon I showed her more than 400 pictures from Japan, but I think she had seen most of them on my blog during the time I was in Matsue.
Tove cooked delicious Thai food for me! She teaches Norwegian language to foreigners and gets many exciting recipes from many countries.

And see what they have in Norway!

BOIL-IN-BAG rice - have you seen that in Japan? I've not. But a good idea if you don't have a rice cooker, which most Norwegians don't have.
Yes, another good thing by being back home, is that I can still have rice. Even if Thai rice is not like Japanese rice :(