Sunday, July 3, 2016

ノルウェーからのブログ Blog from Norway

It's already 10 days since I came back to Norway. I arrived at Ålesund Airport at 10:50 pm on June 23. This picture is taken after 11 pm, from the car on the way home from the airport. The Norwegian sunset is nice!
宍道湖の夕日にはちょっと似ていませんか。違うのは、時間ですね。そしてこれは湖ではなく、海なのです。It looks like the sunset at Lake Shinji, doesn't it? However, the difference is the time. And this is not a lake, but the sea.

 私の故郷はMøre og Romsdal 県のSjøholtという町です。白い"home"という文字の上にあります。山と海(フィヨルド)に囲まれたところです。My home town is Sjøholt in Møre og Romsdal prefecture. You find it above the word "home" in white. The town is surrounded by mountains and sea (fjords).

Near the house where I grew up, there are many hiking paths. I tried one I had not walked for a long time.
 上からの眺めは悪くないですね。The view is not too bad!

日本で見たことのない花もありますが、下の黄色い花は島根でも見つけたことがあります。Here are many flowers I've not seen in Japan, but the yellow one below I've also found in Shimane.

I have often been walking alone, but the other day I met with a close friend I hadn't seen for a long time. The dog, however, I met for the first time.

Norwegian strawberries are delicious! That day it was quite warm, but the evening was cold.

これは私の母教会です。教会の前に墓地があります。This is my home church. In front of the church is the graveyard. We also call it a churchyard.

これは私の両親のお墓です。父は1993年、母は2010年亡くなりました。名前の下に"Herren lever!"と刻んであります。「主は生きておられる」という意味です。私たちがみんな死にますが、死んで、また復活されたイエス・キリストを信じるなら、永遠の命の希望があります。
This is my parents' tomb. My father died in 1993, and my mother in 2010. Underneath the words "Herren lever!" are engraved, which means "The Lord lives!" We will all die, but if we believe in Jesus Christ, who died and rose again, we have the hope of eternal life.

My home town is in the countryside, so in my home church there is a service only every second Sunday, and during the summer even less. So today I attended the service in the neighbouring church. This is Skodje church.
It's nice to listen to a message and sing hymns in Norwegian! And I also love the music of the pipe organ!
However, next Sunday I am the one who is playing the organ in my home church. Can I manage well?

みなさん、よい一週間をお過ごしください!Wishing you all a nice week!