Thursday, August 6, 2009

Viva Bolivia!

Two Bolivian-Norwegian families celebrated the National Day of Bolivia with all the other missionary families having come back from Bolivia.
Viva Bolivia! Norwegians and Bolivians sing together, lead by Santiago Huanca with the guitar.

Linn Merete Urangsæter Peducassè is the main leader of the children's program at this missionary conference. She had a message about how we should be a reflector of God's light to people around us.

These young people have all served as volunteers in one of the mission fields for one year. This week they have been in charge of the program for the kids and have worked very hard. Well done!
Maybe we will see some of them as missionaries in the future?
Lise and Helgi Jacobsen have served in Japan this year. Here Helgi is thanked by Magne Gillebo.

Unfortunately the budget does not allow new volunteers to Japan this coming year, but I hope other young people can replace Lise and Helgi in the future.
Thank you, Lise and Helgi!

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