Monday, August 17, 2009


I got my luggage today! Finally, exactly 8 weeks since I sent my 15 boxes from Matsue on a rainy Monday in June. The same 15 boxes arrived on a rainy Monday in August. But nothing was wet, and I hope nothing is broken either.

The 15 boxes of about 200 kilos were packed into one big box. You can see the letters VALBO OSLO. I'm impressed that they found me here, about 600 kilometers from Oslo!
No problem, because I had given the address where it should be delivered.

After having packed out the big box, I stuffed the 15 boxes into my car and drove to my home. A student helped me to pack my car, but I did all by myself back home. It's sometimes convenient to have a big car!

I carried the 200 kilos up the stairs unto the 2nd floor, and here they are in my bedroom. Little by little I will open them and try to find a place for everything. But I will keep the boxes. For in a few months I may have to start packing again... This is missionary life.

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