Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our New Countrymen

Today I have no pictures, and I'm tired, so I had planned not to write anything tonight. But a few words before I go to bed.

Yesterday I showed pictures mostly of people who have been in Japan, but the Norwegian Lutheran Mission has missionaries in many other countries too.

All together at this conference we are about 65 adults and nearly 50 kids, from small babies to teenagers. Some have come home from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ivory Coast or Mali in Africa, some from Bolivia or Peru, and others have come from Mongolia, Taiwan or Indonesia. But there are no kids from Japan, because most of us are single women!

Tonight we learnt about our "New countrymen" in Norway. I was surprised to know that about 500.000 of people living in Norway are from other countries. That means about 10% of the population. I can't believe it! We were challenged to meet these people, become friends with them and include them in our fellowships and churches. We don't need to go to a far country in order to share the love of God with people from other nationalities. They are just in our neigbourhood!

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  1. Ja, det er sant..
    Kvifor skal det vere enklare nå andre folkeslag når dei er langt borte..
    Mykje å tenkje på!
    må finne senga, hardt begynne på arbeid igjen.