Saturday, July 18, 2009

Foreigner in my own country

There are many things to learn when I come back to Norway.

For example how to use the washing machine, how to drive on the right side of the road, how to cook the way my sister is used to and my brother likes it, and how to go to bed at night even if it's not dark outside.

There are so many kinds of bread to choose from. But the kind of bread my sister said I should buy I can't find at all...

And so many kinds of cheese! Brown cheese is not only goat cheese.
(I made sure nobody could see me when I took the pictures. I felt a bit embarrassed to play tourist in my home town...)

This weekend I'm borrowing a car I'm offered to buy. Even if it's bigger than what I need, I like it, and it's quite cheep, and the car garage is just in the neighbourhood. And not least: It's Japanese!!
It was a challenge to get the keys in my hand:
-You can drive as much as you want this weekend. Even if you decide not to buy it, you don't need to pay anything, the kind man said.

I had to concentrate on keeping to the right of the road, in a car I had never driven before. I managed quite well, but why did the wipers start going when I wanted to turn right??

Mitsubishi Space Wagon, 1995 model
Will it soon be mine?

Before I go to sleep, I want to show you the sky 30 minutes ago, around 11pm. (Actual time was 10pm, but because of summer time, we are deceived to believe it's 11)

Sunset in the west. It's time to go to sleep.

It had just started raining, and the rainbow appears above my neigbours' house.

Good night, everybody!

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