Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Sun is Back!

I'm back at Stranda now, but I want to show you some pictures from my home place today. It was really nice! So today I didn't even miss my kotatsu:)

I went for a walk in the woods, and could sit down and feel the sun warming! We Norwegians like sunshine, you know.

Even the sheep seemed to be satisfied today.

-Who are you? this lamb wondered, looking at me just the way a sheep looks at you.

My mother and I could enjoy the view of a beautiful sunset. You may get a glimpse of the church tower in the middle of the picture.

In addition to the sunshine there was also some good news from Japan today. A girl I studied the Bible with, Yuki, told me that she is going to be baptized on November 8. The third student at Shimane University in Matsue who is baptized this year!

The sun has already risen in Japan on Monday morning, but I have to get some sleep now. Oyasuminasai!


  1. Så bra at du nyt sola..
    Vonar du har det bra...

  2. Stuptrøytt. Jobba på kjøkkenet til 21.30. På igjen kl 8 i morgon. Så ikkje så mykje tid til å nyte finevêret denne helga.
    Når blir det jentetur til Stranda, då? Liv Berit foreslo det.
    Du har vel ikkje sett solnedgangsbiletet mitt i avisa eller på lokal-TV, vel? Sende det inn, men sikkert mange andre som hadde fine bilete den dagen.