Sunday, November 15, 2009

The First Girl

One more student from Shimane University in Matsue has been baptized! However, she is the first girl, after three guys having been baptized since October last year. Motoi was the first one. Then Shinsei followed on May 31, Motoi's friend Yuuki on September 27, and finally Yuki on November 8. I said "finally", but hopefully not the last one!


As Carmella and Scott write in their newsletter:

"Yuki’s salvation is a testimony to how different people from various countries and churches were all used, together, for God’s perfect plan. In addition to her host family in Florida, during her testimony she talked about receiving a Bible from the Gideons (in high school), us, Shinsei (from the Nazarene church, who took her to a Christian camp by a group similar to Campus Crusade or the Navigators), the Bible studies she had with the Norwegian missionary (Lutheran Church) for about 1-2 months, and the time and Bible studies since June that she has received from four Christians (another denomination) in her hometown (an hour from here). We really praise God for His wisdom and timing! "


Yuki gives her testimony in Matsue Gospel Church.

Nadine from Jamaica with 6 students from Shimane University. Yuki is the girl to the right.

Four of these students have now become Christians. Motoi, Yuuki and Yuki are members of Matsue Gospel Church, and Shinsei belongs to Matsue Nazarene Church.

Thanks to Carmella and Scott for pictures and good news!

Nokre ord på norsk til slutt: Det har vore dåp i Matsue igjen. Sidan oktober i fjor har tre studentar ved Shimane Universitet i Matsue blitt døypte. Yuki er hittil første jente, men vi håper sjølvsagt på fleire. Yuki Tsuchie vart døypt 8.november og er foreløpig den ferskaste kristne i studentgruppa som samlast til bøn og bibelstudium på Scott sitt kontor. Takk til Carmella og Scott for bilete og gode nyheiter.


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